Reviews by VP

Vaping Pogonophile review Grapeful Dead, Devils Brew, Zombie Goo & Vampires Blood. 

Devils Brew: "I don’t know if I can tell you how good this is, wahoo, oh my!"

Zombie Goo: "oh my goodness, I’m in custard heaven."

Big thanks to VP for the reviews, see them in full here


Review of Devils Brew by Rebel Vaper

The Rebel Vaper recently provided a review of our Devil's Brew Premium E-Juice.

The Rebel Vaper commented that "This is easily and all day vape, and trust me, if you like an orange vape this will be one you will find very hard to put away!"  Clink on the link above to read the review of this fantastic e-juice in full!

Thanks very much to Rebel Vapor for the review.