Steve Nichols Vaping Reviews Our Premium E-Juices

Steve Nichols recently reviewed three of our E-Juices, check out the link to the full video on YouTube.

Steve loved our Vampire's Blood e-liquid, giving it a solid 10! The taste of coca cola sweets had him impressed, we ended his long search for the perfect tasting cola E-Juice.

Death's Kiss converted Steve from a long standing menthol hater, he gave this e-liquid a strong 8!  Pretty impressive considering he is well known for not liking menthol.

Devil's Brew - scored lower on Steve's rating scale than the other two E-Juices that he tested, but still managed a strong 7!  He liked the flavours but didn't feel it was an all day vape, which is understandable as each to their own.

We thank Steve for the review!